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Golden Wedding celebration of Sir Henry John Miller (younger brother of 7th Baronet) and Lady Miller, at their home (Fernbrook, Oamaru, New Zealand), 15/12/1914.

(left-to-Right: Mrs. Nicholson Miller, William Maxwell Miller (aged 15 months), William Nicholson Miller, Holmes Miller (aged about 9), Ernest Miller (aged 17), Lady Miller (nee Orbell)(seated), Henry Miller, Margaret Miller (aged 7), Caroline (Corry) Miller, Helen Miller (aged 2 1/4 years) (on Sir Henry's knee), Sir Henry Miller, Unknown person, Jessie Miller (aged 18 years), Mrs. Frances Buckley (nee Miller), Arthur Miller.)




Sir Henry John Miller, his wife, their son William Nicholson Miller, his wife, and their daughter Margaret May Zohrab (nee Miller).


Sir Henry John Miller William Nicholson Miller Edith Mary Miller Lady Jessie Miller Margaret May Zohrab Sir Henry John Miller Lady Jessie Miller William Nicholson Miller Margaret May Zohrab Edith Mary Miller William Maxwell Miller Helen Frances Miller Holmes Miller Ernest Miller Henry Miller Caroline (Corry) Miller Jessie Miller Frances Buckley Arthur Miller


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